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Dangers of Western Medicine

Western Medicine Is The Tumor Eating Away At Our Bodies. The Solution Lies In Ancient Secrets

Did you know that MEDICINE is the THIRD leading cause of death in the United States right now? What an outrage!

Sadly, a recent survey conducted by the Nutrition Institute of America indicates that the picture might be even worse. Medical intervention causes at least 784,000 deaths a year, compared to 700,000 losses from heart disease and 550,000 lives claimed by cancer every year.

Want to hear an interesting story about the dangers of western medicine? I’ll keep it short.

In 1973, doctors in Israel went on strike for an entire month. During this period, doctor-patient contact dropped from 65,000 to 7,000 daily. Shockingly, during that month, the death rate in Israel dropped by a whopping 50%.

Have you been feeling unwell lately? Like most people in western culture, you visit your doctor and tell them your issue. They respond by writing you a prescription for a new drug, and bam! You’re sorted. The physician doesn’t ask you what you’ve been eating, or how your environment’s like, or what you think may be causing these issues.

The new drug manages to hide your problems for a while, but the root of the problem remains unattended. And you call that healthcare?

Western medicine is broken, and here’s why.

Prescription drugs have been greatly misused in the delivery of healthcare

It doesn’t matter what illness you have, once you step foot in an American Hospital, you’re leaving with a prescription.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a licensed practitioner and radio show host, there were nearly 3.68 billion prescriptions filled in the US in 2009. See the alarm yet? Let’s break that down. That’s an average of 12 prescriptions per individual in the US, which means 12 different sets of side effects for every drug taken.

Due to the said side effects, roughly 2.2 million people experience adverse drug reactions to prescribed medicine.

For example;

Expected side effects of taking an antidepressant drug include possible suicidal thoughts, weight gain, and insomnia, among others. Before you know it, you’re on a vicious cycle. Pretty soon, you’ll be taking metformin for diabetes caused by the hydrochlorothiazide you take for hypertension you got from the Ambien you take for insomnia caused by the Xanax you take for depression.

Many times, people are apprehensive about taking too many prescription drugs. They are worried about side effects and drug interactions. And rightfully so – stats show that nearly 50% of older adults take one or more unnecessary medications.

It stands to reason that there are negative consequences to polypharmacy, and the possibility of side effects increases with every additional prescription. But, as soon as you mention any new discomfort to your physician, they quickly jot down a prescription for you.

But, honestly, is that the best way to go about it?

“Using prescription medication to mask a body’s signs of illness is tantamount to ignoring any personal involvement you may have with the onset of the symptoms. The overuse of prescription drugs offers a vacation form personal responsibility.” Bruce Lipton, PhD

According to David Anderson, a professor of biology at the California Institute of Technology, the effects of using pharmaceutical drugs is like a sloppy oil change. If you dump a gallon of oil on your car’s engine, some of it might trickle to the right place, but most of it will eventually cause more harm than good.

Overall, it still beats logic why a doctor would proceed to prescribe a statin, beta-blocker, or ACE-inhibitor to a patient who’s already on 15 other prescriptions. For what? Just because the healthcare system’s quality metrics dictate so?

Patients are hooked on prescription drugs and aren’t improving

The US healthcare system’s current set up has reduced doctors form healthcare givers to drug peddlers.

For starters, the pharmaceutical industry spends at an estimated $5 billion on marketing every year – that’s more than $8,000 per physician. In medical school, Big Pharma companies begin early by targeting medical students, giving them free textbooks, meals, and even drug samples. Before they can even practice medicine, the doctors are practically salespeople (glorified peddlers) for the drug companies.

This approach only succeeds at making people addicted to prescription drugs, and many more are dying by the day.

It’s a massive cause for alarm, and the Center for Disease Control classified it as a global epidemic!

Here are some disheartening stats from the New York Times.

America accounts for;              

  • 99% of the world’s consumption of hydrocodone (Vicodin)
  • 80% of the world’s consumption of oxycodone (Percocet and Oxycontin)
  • 65% of the world’s consumption of hydromorphone (Dilaudid)

Want to take it a notch higher?

  • At least 50 Americans die every day from overdosing on prescription painkillers
  • Every year, prescription painkillers claim at least 15,000 lives and send 475,000 people to the ER.

Still, People are sicker than ever. And the doctors we trust are missing out on crucial moments to help people stay healthy.

Doctors don’t spend enough time with their patients  

The healthcare system is failing patients by not spending enough time to emphasize the need for lifestyle changes. By shifting their emphasis on eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight, physicians could help many patients wean off diabetic medication, PPIs, and anti-hypertensive.

It’s quite mind-blowing that very little people understand that 80% of their chronic conditions are treatable and preventable through improvements in diet, nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle changes.

But then again, how can they do that if they spent more hours studying pharmacology than nutrition in medical school?

But doctors aren’t the fault per se. They are also victims of the Big Bad Wolf. They are merely subjects of a broken fee-for-service health care system that squeezes them with 10-minute visits per patient, denying them the necessary time to have these crucial conversations with their patients, and compensates them poorly for this preventive service.

The result? Physicians opt for a quick fix for the problem – the prescription pad.        

Scientific medicine isn’t that scientific after all

What comes into your mind when you hear a doctor claiming that they practice “Scientific medicine?” And this is something they throw around a lot. If you’re like most people, you’ll think that the medical treatment you’re about to receive is scientifically validated. Unfortunately, that ideal is merely a dream. Even worse, it’s a cunning marketing ruse to get more money from suffering patients.

Specialists from the British Medical Journal’s clinical evidence department analyzed common medical treatments to assess which ones were backed by sufficient credible evidence. After reviewing 2500 techniques, they found;

  • 13% were useful
  • 23% were likely to be useful
  • 8% were as likely to be harmful as they were to be beneficial
  • 6% were unlikely to be beneficial
  • 4% were likely to be dangerous or effective
  • 46% were unclear whether useful or harmful

Interestingly, a survey conducted by the US government in the late 1970s indicated a strikingly similar result. The findings revealed that only 10 to 20% of medical treatment had evidence of usefulness.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the evidence base for typical western medical practice is as follows;

  • 8% randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)
  • 14% well-conducted clinical trials
  • 28% expert committee review


With that said, conventional medicine is no longer useful       

Western Medicine is based on allopathy, aka WWI “battlefield treatment,” where drugs were thrown at every ailment.

Allopathy became prominent during World War I. Doctors were faced with two options;

  • Amputate the soldier’s leg to keep him breathing
  • Patch him up momentarily so that he can keep fighting

Doctors and generals opted for the latter, and with penicillin at the forefront, we won the war.

However, we must come to terms that battlefield tactics belong to the combat zone and that the same approaches may be ineffective at combating disease.

Allopathic remedies have brought more harm than good. In fact, WHO projected that the prevalence of chronic disease was going to rise by a ridiculous 57% by 2020 (Jaw drops.)

Q: Why is everyone sickly and dying?

A: Because modern doctors are still using the narrow battlefield lenses to view current health issues.

Instead of physicians taking a holistic approach to healthcare – treating the body’s functions, they’re still patching up patients and sending them off without treating the underlying issues.

Infinite Age discovered the secret, one that’s been working for centuries

Ancient medicine up until the advent of the 20th century was based on vitalism.

Vitalism is the construct that life is governed by forces that transcend the physical self.”

Following this idea, the spiritual, psychological, structural, and functional aspects of a living being are all unified. As a result, to treat a human being, you must target observe all elements, including environmental and external factors.

Put bluntly – You cannot merely pump chemicals into a human being and expect them to be healthy.

This holistic approach to wellness dates back to ancient Egypt when physicians figured out that the body functions optimally when all its components are harmonized.

Ancients, especially in traditional Chinese medicine, emphasized on the importance of a vibrant equilibrium between the anatomical systems, aka homeostasis. The science of Qi dictates that life is a gathering of energy, which is in a fluid state, transforming endlessly from one form to another.

Consequently, the energy moves within the body and its organs, dictating the flow of blood, subsequently creating the resilience our bodies need to eliminate toxins and fight disease.

At Infinite Age, we embody this concept and use it to help everyone with whom we connect, live a healthy life, where you can achieve your full potential without any physical limitations caused by pain or illness.

You no longer have to sit and watch your life pass by right in front of your eyes. Or remain at the sidelines as you watch others enjoy life, while you can’t due to confines caused by illness or pain in your body.

We’re here with a solution that eliminates all barriers caused by poor health – gifts from Mother Nature herself. And you never have to worry about a single adverse effect or drug interaction.

Say NO to dying from the inside, and embrace Infinite Age solutions today.




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