Sea moss, a whole-body energizer for Spring

Sea moss, a whole-body energizer for Spring

With longer days and warmer temperatures, we start to think about all the things we are going to do with all that extra day light. Our minds spring ahead to action-packed days but sometimes our bodies lag behind.


Naturally we are tired the first week after the switch to Daylight Savings Time, as we adjust to the loss of a precious hour of sleep. Plus, our bodies work hard to adjust to seasonal hormone fluctuations and allergies.


We struggle to get up on darker mornings, especially if singing birds disrupt our sleep. We might be tempted to pack more activities into sunlit evenings, revving our bodies up just as we should be winding down for the night.


No wonder we might feel a little more tired each Spring.


Here are five ways nutrient-packed sea moss delivers the energy boost we need right now.


Sea moss is rich in dietary fiber which helps balance blood sugar levels and helps regulate hormones that boost energy.


A natural source of mood-boosting magnesium and potassium, consuming sea moss regularly may result in an improvement in mood, elevating our mental energy.


Rich in iodine, sea moss supports healthy thyroid function, regulating metabolism and energy levels.


Sea moss serves as a probiotic for your gut, helping maintain a balanced microbiome and improved metabolism.


Sea moss is packed with the amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs to fight off colds, and infections that could slow you down.


Infinite Age offers easy-to-consume plant-based capsules, mixable powder and versatile gel so you can conveniently add sea moss into any daily meal plan for the energy you need this season.


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