Sea Moss Gel Facial Treatment

To keep my skin glowing, clean and clear, I use sea moss gel every week for a relaxing at-home facial.

  •   Step 1: Gently cleanse your face with the cleanser of your choice and lukewarm water. 
  •   Step 2: After cleansing, soak a face cloth in warmer water, wring it out and set on your face for 30 seconds to steam-clean your pores (Make sure the water is warm, not hot to the touch. Very hot water may damage the proteins in your skin and may cause eczema, breakouts, and irritation).
  •   Step 3: Apply a tablespoon of sea moss gel in an even thin layer to your clean, damp face. 
  •   Step 4: Leave on until fully dry.
  •   Step 5: When the sea moss gel dries, gently wash your face with your preferred cleanser and cool water. 
  •   Step 6: Moisturize
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