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  • Sourced from premium Nigella Sativa seeds grown in nutrient-rich Middle Eastern soil
  • Our unique processing retains more nutrients than any other Black Seed we’ve tested
  • Put in capsules that protect the black seed from stomach acid so your body can absorb more
  • Unmatched purity - no fillers, binders or preservatives & always GMP certified
  • Rich in amino acids, vitamin E, calcium, zinc & more
  • Supports healthy inflammation management
  • Special powder form gets absorbed faster than oil extracts

"This black seed extract is amazing!

I tried oils before with no results. But this concentrated powder format really delivers the benefits. My immunity, skin, breathing have improved so much. What I love most is it alleviates my aches and pains better than anything else. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking real natural relief! - WOW!”

~ S. Perea
Verified Customer

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Black Seed Extract

From the desk of John Carlisle

Certified Natural Health Expert

A startling CDC study revealed that a horrifying 51.6 million adults in the United States now suffer from widespread chronic inflammation - underlying most diseases and causing chronic pain.

Unchecked inflammation silently suffocates cells, accelerates aging, damages DNA, and allows deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes to aggressively thrive inside the body.

Like gasoline poured on a smoldering fire, this hidden chronic inflammation crisis is burning through our population - crippling joint health, gut health, skin health, brain health and destroying immune defenses.

Thankfully, one ancient medicinal seed may provide the natural inflammation and antioxidant support we so desperately need - Nigella Sativa, also known as black seed.

Countless clinical studies confirm black seed offers powerful benefits:

  • Move easily and comfortably in daily life
  • Enjoy meals without bloating or stomach issues
  • Experience irritation-free, glowing skin
  • Clearer mind and focus for easier, enjoyable tasks]
  • Stronger immune system for better health protection
  • Combat aging at the cellular level for a younger feel and look
  • Increased physical and mental energy for a more productive day
  • Provides essential nutrients for overall well-being and health

Yet most competitors fail to harness the full potential of black seed.

Many rely on oil extracts in gel caps that release too early before reaching digestive tract, making it nearly impossible for your body to absorb.

Our precision-milled powder formulation unlocks more thymoquinone and nutritive value from each tiny black seed while encasing it in delayed-release capsules to avoid stomach breakdown.

The result? An unmatched black seed supplement that:

  • Enhances nutrient absorption so you can get more benefits from each capsule.
  • Provides more health benefits from preserved plant nutrients.
  • Chemical-free seeds add potency and strength

My clients who take this black seed powder report better energy, mental clarity, immunity, and vitality within just days.*

I've just started using the Black Seed Extract and I can feel the difference in my energy. I am very excited for what's to come as I take charge of my health. Thank you, Infinite Age.

Tamika T. Verified Customer

I can go to the store now with no bad joint pain and nomore aching feet. I am sleeping better too.

Hartisha P. Verified Customer

I like it very much. The capsules are easy to swallow. I can feel a. difference after using it for a short period. I feel more energized. My body feels better overall.

Margaret M. Verified Customer

“Wow! I still recall the earthy, aromatic scent of black seed oil my grandmother would give me as a child.

It soothed my headaches and improved my skin unlike anything else.

I searched high and low for that same potent relief for years without success...until now!

This black seed extract takes me right back to those days
with every dose - except faster acting and more powerful!”

What I've found is that the fire of inflammation raging inside most people's bodies destroys health from the inside out.

The best way to extinguish these flames is using time-tested herbal medicines provided to us by nature - like this premium black seed extract.

It's the most potent and pure black seed product I've found yet. My clients say it works better than anything else they’ve tried.

Here Are Just a Few Qualities of
Our Black Seed Extract:

Pharmaceutical-Grade Delivery

Many black seed supplements use oil extracts in normal capsules that dissolve too soon. This exposes the nutrients to stomach acid, leading to weak absorption.

Our black seed is ground into a fine powder and put into special capsules that resist stomach acid. They don't break down too early. This means you absorb more, which helps with you experience enhanced pain relief, sustained energy throughout the day, and anti-inflammatory effects that help slow down rapid aging.

One Ingredient

Sometimes, simpler is better. Supplements with too many ingredients can weaken each other's effects. Black Seed Extract uses just one key ingredient for strong, focused benefits. No extra fillers – just the full, strong power of Black Seed in its most effective form.

Crafted in
Small Batches

Big brands mass produce supplements as fast as possible to maximize profits. Their capsules sit untouched by human hands, pumped out by high-speed machines with no care to quality.

Our Black Seed Extract is crafted in small controlled batches by technicians obsessively focused on drawing out every micronutrient. No skipping corners or rushing formulas out the door. We take the time and care required to perfect purity and potency.

Pure Egyptian
Black Seeds

Stop wasting money on diluted oil extracts packed with cheap fillers that can spark an inflammatory wildfire that scorches your organs, tissues, and joints. We ethically source every heirloom black seed from a single farm in the Nile Delta untouched by chemicals, giving you even more of the soothing relief, skyrocketing energy, and healthy blood pressure support you deserve.

Stomach Friendly

Supplements can be hit or miss when it comes to digestive comfort. You’re likely familiar with the uneasy feeling some supplements can leave you with bloating, discomfort, or toxic reactions. It's always a bit of a gamble, wondering if a new supplement will agree with your body.

The key lies in the ingredients. Similar to how the roast of your coffee can upset your stomach, the quality of a supplement can make its digestion very uncomfortable.

This is where our Black Seed Extract shines. Thanks to our careful selection and special processing, we assure you that our extract is gentle on your stomach. Nothing in it triggers discomfort or disrupts digestion.

Choose our Black Seed Extract and say goodbye to the digestive discomfort common in so many supplements. Whether it's your first time or a regular dose, your stomach will thank you.


Our Black Seed Extract contains none of the harmful extras often lurking in other supplements. This means absolutely no pesticides, no harmful chemicals, no GMOs, or toxins.

That means none of shortcuts that some manufacturers might use to rush their products to the shelf. With our Black Seed Extract, you're getting a product crafted with care and integrity, free from anything that could ruin its natural quality.

No Harmful Additives

Why settle for mystery ingredients that spike blood sugar and cause stomach upset? We use only 100% pure, chemical-free ancient black seed extract. Experience the benefits safely with stomach discomfort or health problems.

But Wait... There's More!

Cold Extraction

Without using destructive heat during the extraction process, we ensure each capsule delivers the full strength of black seed, just as nature intended - pure, potent, and powerful.

GMP Certified

This certification isn’t just a label; it’s your shield against the risks of unregulated supplements. In non-GMP certified supplements, dangers are common – contamination, inconsistent dosages, and toxin-filled ingredients. Choosing our GMP certified Black Seed means choosing a path of certainty and safety, where every capsule is as safe as it is effective.

Independently Tested

Many shady competitors falsely claim "purity" without proof or accountability. We submit every single capsule to third-party laboratories where they validate our purity, effectiveness, while also making sure there’s no heavy metals or toxins.

Nano-Grinding Technology

Our Black Seed Extract is ground into super fine particles, thanks to our Nano-Grinding Technology. This means it's easier for your body to absorb, making the most out of every bit. It's simple: finer grind means more health benefits.

Thymoquinone Enriched

Regular Black Seed oil only gets a small amount of thymoquinone from the seeds, leaving most of it unused. We carefully grind each seed into a fine powder to get all the thymoquinone that other methods miss.

“I love this Black Seed Exctract so much, I’ve had to share it with everyone I know.”

What People Have to Say

From the Fertile Nile Basin to Your Doorstep:
100% Pure Black Seed Extract


We’ve created something special in our Black Seed Extract. It’s not just another supplement; it’s a breakthrough in purity and potency. Our ultra-concentrated powder is packed with more Thymoquinone than any other black seed product you'll find, delivering unmatched health benefits that’s guranteed to change your life!

If you're new to our Black Seed Extract, get ready for an experience unlike any other… You're probably used to supplements that promise a lot but deliver little. That's not us.

So here's our offer:


180-day money-back guarantee

We're SO CERTAIN you’ll be amazed by our Black Seed Extract, that we’re offering you a 180-day money-back guarantee.

Once you experience its rapid absorption and how gentle it is on your stomach, you won’t go back to those other supplements or toxic pills that leave you with bloating and discomfort.

Try it and feel the change - more energy, better blood pressure management, and soothing relief, all delivered faster and more effectively than ever before.

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Ancient Seeds of
Health from the
Nile Basin


Along the lush Nile riverside lies a small Egyptian farm tended for generations by the El-Rashid family. Here they nurture precious black seed crops that hold curative powers stemming back to the days of Cleopatra.

For the El-Rashids, farming these ancient seeds is not just a job but a passion. Despite struggling against the unrelenting heat, they meticulously hand-pick only the most vibrant black seeds to be cold-pressed into our concentrated Black Seed Extract.

The El-Rashids refuse to cut corners with pesticides or GMOs that could ruin the purity and potency of their crops. They believe each seed carries health benefits passed down from their ancestors who also once harvested black seed in the hot desert dreaming of better days to come.

From that small farm along Africa's great river to your doorstep, the El-Rashids offer not just any health supplement but a connection to the past and a vessel of better health for the future.

Health Experts, Nutritionists, & Certified Wellness
Trainers Love Infinite Age Black Seed Extract



Infinite Age Black Seed is by far the most effective supplement I've seen for my clients over 40. It delivers fast relief from nagging joint pain, fatigue, and brain fog. My mature clients feel decades younger and are getting fit faster thanks to this daily vitality boost.

Bryan Reynolds, Profesional Trainer



I can't recommend Black Seed Extract enough for my clients struggling with low energy, achy joints, and other effects of aging. It gives them clean energy, joint comfort, and mental clarity so they can participate fully in workouts and live life to the fullest.

Simone Arielle, Fitness Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Black Seed Extract Naturally Reduce Breakouts?

Celebrated by many of our customers, this ancient superfood is your ally in naturally erasing acne breakouts, paving the way to clearer, healthier skin.

Does Black Seed Extract Boost Your Immune System?

Thousands of customers report significant improvements in their immune health, making this supplement a must-have for your daily wellness routine.

What Health Benefits Does Black Seed Extract Offer?

Our customers use it for an impressive array of health benefits, from enhancing digestion and improving skin and hair quality to boosting focus, circulation, and immunity. A true all-rounder for your health needs.

Where is this Black Seed Extract made?

Our Black Seed Extract is proudly crafted in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality with cGMP certification. Finally! A product you can trust to meet the highest standards of excellence.

Are there any certifications that come with your Black Seed?

Yes! Every capsule is tested using something called HPLC testing. This ensures that there are no toxins, while making sure each batch meets a min. purity standard of 99%.

How Easy is it to Integrate Black Seed Extract into Your Daily Routine?

Customers love the convenience of the easy-to-swallow capsules, preferred over the liquid form for their simplicity and ease-of-use.

Can Black Seed Extract Enhance Your Hair and Skin Health?

Absolutely! A significant number of our customers have experienced remarkable improvements in the health and appearance of their hair, skin, and nails. Black Seed Extract could be your secret weapon for that extra glow and vitality.

Is this capsule form better than oil?

The choice is yours, but many users prefer the capsule form for its convenience and neutral taste, avoiding the aftertaste often associated with the liquid version.

How Quickly Does Black Seed Extract Work?

The journey to wellness varies, but many users report observing positive changes within just a week! Others have noticed improvements after a month of consistent use. Start your journey with Black Seed Extract and witness the transformative benefits yourself!

Could there be any allergic reactions to this product?

Like any supplement, it's possible that some people may experience allergic reactions or adverse effects. If unsure, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regime.

What’s the recommended daily dosage?

One easy-to-swallow capsule is all you need to experience the game changing benefits of Black Seed.

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John Carlisle
Founder of InfiniteAge.com