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New Discovery Is Making Doctors & Big Pharma Obsolete For Black Americans

A blend of ancient superfoods packed-full of revitalizing vitamins, mineral, and phytonutrients that reverses the core of your failing symptoms.

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  • Boost Energy
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  • Improve Sleep Cycle

“What Happened? Why Am I Always So Tired, Inflamed… And Feel So Old?”

It’s not your imagination, your body’s declining for a reason. It’s our food. It’s dead. Our food supply is mostly fake - depleted of all its important vitamins and minerals. It’s on purpose too. Big Food Corporations are always looking for cheaper ways to produce their “food-like” products.

It’s profits over people!

The lack of real, whole foods, void of any nutrition, is causing a rapid decline in people’s health. This is especially true in low-income, black communities.

Eating processed, fake-foods causes our muscles, joints and organs to inflame. Processed foods also destroy our gut-health, feed bacteria, & ignite an internal inflammatory wildfire. This inflammatory wildfire burns your cells, organs and arteries alive… aging you way faster than Mother Nature or Father Time intended.

When your body is failing…
It feels like every day you have another hurdle to overcome.

When Your Days Are Sabotaged With Painful Inflammation

  • You can’t easily fall & stay asleep, making you feel like a shell of your former self.
  • Your low energy levels prevent you from performing at work… or in bed.
  • You look & feel older - making you wonder where the REAL you went.
  • You’re always hungry, overeat, and
    never feel full.
  • Your blood sugar and pressure spikes - causing fatigue & increased inflammation.

When your body is failing…
It feels like every day you have another hurdle to overcome.


Sea Moss Advanced

An Affordable Way To Get Your Health Back…
And Protect Your Family From Needless Suffering

Seaweeds keep the ocean oxygenated. They’re so powerful, they transform carbon into the oxygen that makes our atmosphere. These same seaweeds are just as powerful for your health. That’s why we developed Sea Moss Advanced.

Sea Moss can replace the nutrition your food can’t give you. In fact, it’s one of the planet’s only perfect foods. Sea Moss contains every essential vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fatty acid, antioxidant, prebiotic, and probiotic our cells need to thrive.

But Sea Moss isn’t the only star in this show, because our Sea Moss Advanced also contains two unique ingredients:

Bladderwrack & Burdock Root.

These two ingredients help purify your bloodstream & repair your gut… so you can FINALLY feel like YOU again. These brown seaweeds contain Fucoxanthin and Fucoidan - known for releasing fat from your cells, and converting it into energy. You get to experience Ketosis, without eating a Keto diet. Pretty amazing!

Sea Moss Is The Secret To Dr. Sebi’s Pain-Free Joints At 81

"It’s Why My Bones Are So Strong That I Can Fall On My Knees. Sea Moss Is The Best Thing Ever."

- Dr. Sebi, World-Renown Natural Healer

Find Out Why Your Sugar & Carb Cravings… Aren’t Yours

Your gut is where all health begins. It’s called the 2nd Brain, because your gut is where your 1st brain gets its orders. But inside of the 2nd brain are trillions of good and bacteria. Candida also makes it a comfy home inside of your gut.

But did you know bad bacteria and candida can tell your brain to feed them carbs and sugar? It’s true. Almost all of your cravings aren't yours at all. It’s the candida and bad bacteria making you obsess over junk food, sugar and carbs galore. Shocking, right?

Rare complex carbs called polysaccharides in Sea Moss Advanced help destroy bad bacteria and candida, while feeding your good bacteria with revitalizing prebiotics.

  • Helps repair leaky gut
  • Decreases sugar & carb cravings
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Extinguishes inflammation where it starts
  • Triggers easier, faster, sustainable weight loss
  • Reduces cortisol levels - dramatically lowering stress
  • Increasing dopamine and serotonin - your happy hormones
  • Assists in lowering your A1C & Glucose levels
  • Adds years of youth… and overall quality of life
  • Promotes clearer arteries & crushes heart stress
  • Eliminates carb & sugar cravings - lowering Insulin Resistance
  • Elevate healthy liver functioning - getting rid of deadly toxins
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  • Sale: Live for 24 Hrs
  • Stock: only 58 Bottles left

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  • Ingredient 1

    Ingredient 1

    Sea Moss

    Helps repair your energy metabolism, so you’re able to manage accelerated aging and prevent your body from breaking down. Sea Moss assists in rebuilding your Mitochondria – the thousands of Energy Factories inside of your trillions of cells. By protecting and repairing your Mitochondria, you can look and feel youthful at any age.

  • Ingredient 2

    Ingredient 2


    Did you know you can store more than 20 lbs of poop and undigested food in your colon? Bladderwrack contains nutrients that help increase peristalsis, aka getting the poop out. By keeping your intestines clear, your digestive system improves. This can instantly trim inches off your waist and optimize nutrient uptake resulting in more boundless, productive energy.

  • Ingredient 3

    Ingredient 3

    Burdock Root

    As a powerful prebiotic, Burdock Root feeds and refuels your good bacteria. Burdock Root is also chock full of Inulin. This helps plug the holes in your leaky gut. In doing so, your food cravings disappear, and your blood circulation improves, so it can deliver nutrients to every part of your body.

Sea Moss Advanced can:

  • Optimize your nutrient delivery system
  • Boost energy levels with improved blood flow
  • Bring the “zest” back into your bedroom
  • Ease the strain on your heart
  • Regulate glucose levels
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Increase your happy hormones
  • And help you feel alive again!

Sea Moss Advanced is perfect for the whole family!

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  • Sale: Live for 24 Hrs
  • Stock: only 58 Bottles left

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take sea moss while on medication?

Depends On The Medication. Avoid Anything With Iodine To Avoid Iodine Overload. However, You Should Always Consult Your Physician When Mixing Supplements And Medications.

Can I take both sea moss and blackseed?

Of Course! In Fact, Black Seed And Sea Moss Is A Great Combo For Health Support.

What’s the difference between Gel and Capsule? Are you getting the same benefits?

The Sea Moss Gel Can Be Used In Smoothies, Drinks, And Other Foods. Sea Moss Gel Can Also Be Used Topically. The Sea Moss Advanced Is Great For On-The-Go Or For A Convenient Way To Consume Your Sea Moss Daily. It Also Contains Bladderwrack And Burdock Root, Which The Gel Does Not.

You Get The Same Benefits As Far As Consuming The Sea Moss In A Capsule Vs. Gel Form. However, The Capsule Contains Added Benefits From The Burdock Root And Bladderwrack.

Where do you source your sea moss from? Is it wildcrafted?


How long does it take for sea moss to take effect?

You May Begin To Feel The Benefits Of Sea Moss Within The First Few Days. However, Give Sea Moss 30 Days Before Determining If The Benefits Are Right For You.

How much sea moss to take daily?

You Should Follow The Consumption Instructions Found On The Back Of The Labeling Of Your Sea Moss Product.

Is it safe to take if you're pregnant?

Yes! Sea Moss Is Safe To Take While Pregnant And Is Actually A Beneficial And Nutritious Superfood To Take While Pregnant

How long can you take sea moss?

You Can Take Sea Moss For As Long As You Wish To Realize The Benefits Of The Superfood.

Would it be okay to have my kids take sea moss?

Yes! Sea Moss Has Been Found To Be Beneficial For Both Children And Adults.

What is the best way to take Sea Moss?

Sea Moss Can Be Taken Orally. It Can Also Be Used Topically To Realize Many Skin-Related Benefits.

Should you take sea moss on an empty stomach?

Sea Moss Can Be Taken With Or Without Food.

What's so special about Infinite Age sea moss (important)?

Infinite Age sea moss grows off the coasts of Peru where the direct sunlight synthesizes more nutrients than other sea mosses. It's also loaded with natural iodine that boosts your metabolism, energy levels, and fat loss. And with so many people low on iodine, Infinite Age sea moss is a perfect source of nature's purest iodine.