The Natural Path To Fighting Your
Declining Health

With prescription pill consumption, food shortages, and poor healthcare at an all-time-high. We’re leading the movement to taking back control of our health with natural, from-the-earth herbs and superfoods.

A Proudly Black
Owned Company

We don’t like to brag. But in this case, it’s called for.

The rise of Infinite Age is a David vs. Goliath story. John, like many young Black men, found himself entreched in the gang life. This lead him to a 10 year prison sentence.

Statistics prove most felons reoffend at a rate of 90%. The stats are even worse for Black men. Most don’t make it out of the system.

But John did.

Not only did he “make it,” but he’s helping his community battle some of the biggest problems they’re facing today. Truth be told, the Black community is riddled with health problems. And prescription pills aren’t fixing anything.

After he lost trust in his own doctor, John discovered the power of natural plants, herbs, and superfoods. The best part? These natural solutions solve the core of our health problems. Not just cover them up.

John wants the world to know. This is John’s life mission.

ToxinShield Tri-Tested, and 100%
Natural Ingredients

What happens when stomach acid dissolves the nutrients in your supplements?

Their worthless.

And it’s because they’re destroyed before they’re absorbed into your bloodstream.

Our new plant-based hypermellose capsule technology protects the nutrients in your supplements from destructive stomach acids that stop them from working.

But this isn’t the only problem with traditional supplements.

What if we told you that 90% of the supplements sold aren’t actually “natural.”

It’s true.

And since they aren’t natural, your body has a hard time absorbing them. Truth be told, the supplement biz is a huge scam. Corners are cut. Lies are told. And promises aren’t delivered.

All in the name of profits.

But when ingredients are sourced, tested, and manufactured with quality in mind…

You have a recipe for an amazing transformation.

That’s why…

We harvest our ingredients from their natural environment. You see, we truly believe that plants grown in the wild have additional healing powers. Healing powers that farm grown or fake nutrients don’t have.

And look, we’ll be the first to admit. Our products aren’t cheap. Sourcing 100% naturally grown ingredients can be expensive. Facts are, cheap supplements contain cheap ingredients.

Our motto?

Health and safety first.

We back this motto with our unique ToxinShield Tri-Testing method. It’s a 3 step testing process that ensures our supplements are free of dangerous toxins and contaminants that further damage your health.

Don’t believe us? We’ll show you our test results. Just ask.

$1 Per Bottles Goes to Supporting
Black Americans in School for Healthcare

It’s no secret.

Black Americans working in healthcare are about as rare as spotting a unicorn.

But it's not our fault. Especially when most of us are struggling financially.

Now, we understand that if more Black Americans worked in healthcare, we’d get better healthcare. Or at least have doctors who understand us. Oftentimes, we feel that our voices aren’t heard. We feel that some doctors simply don’t “get it.”

Infinite Age is changing that.

$1 for every bottle sold goes to helping Black Americans through medical school.

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