I’m the founder and owner of Infinite Age. I want to start by congratulating you on making the right decision to embark on the journey to better health.
As you’ve realized, it’s up to you to take control of your health. It’s up to you to make the changes to achieve the healthy body you want.
Clearly, it starts with you…
But that doesn’t mean this journey needs to be traveled alone.
Because I’m here to help.
Just 5 years ago…
I had an A1C reading of 6.4% and total cholesterol of 242.
Even scarier?
I was only 29 years old.
I had one foot in the grave and was on the fast track to end up like all my older family members…
Fat, tired, sick, and hooked on countless prescription pills.
Sadly, in the Black community…
Life-threatening cholesterol, crippling blood pressure, and morbid obesity are considered “normal.”
But this wasn’t the future I was willing to accept.
I had to ask WHY?
Why do Blacks suffer from disproportionate illness and disease?
Why are we sick, tired, and out of shape?
This question sent me on a path of discovery…
Where I uncovered the reasons WHY Blacks are sick…
Even more important?
I discovered methods to reverse my health failing health.
I was finally able to say goodbye to prescription pills forever.
You see…
During this journey, I discovered some pretty sinister things about healthcare, our foods, and Big Pharma.
In fact, I found out how we’re all trapped in a system designed to keep us sick while big businesses get richer.
The only way out?
To take control of our own health and stop relying on prescription meds. We need to heal ourselves with natural herbs and superfoods… the same stuff our ancestors used centuries ago.
You see…
At one time, Blacks were the healthiest group on the planet.
That is… until we were corrupted by processed foods and prescription meds.
But this doesn’t apply only to Black Americans… It applies to America as a whole.
The fact is, Black Americans get the short end of the stick and suffer the most from Big Business’ sick-for-profit scheme.
It’s our lack of education, resources, and access to good healthcare that keeps us so the most tired, sick, and fat demographic in America.
These are all things I discovered in the process of reversing my own declining health. 
Thankfully, I was finally able to achieve the healthy, fit body I always wanted.
The best part?
Without using synthetic, fake nutrients and prescription meds.
And with this newfound wisdom, I became the “neighborhood health guru.” 
Whenever a friend or family member had a question about their health… They called me.
And truth be told…
I liked what I was doing. I was able to impact the lives of my community with the wisdom I’d gained.
And that’s when I decided to take it a step further…
And made it my lifelong goal to make Black health a priority again.
The best way to do this?
By creating a brand that carried the same exact products that have helped all of my friends and family kick prescription pills to the curb.
This online brand allowed me to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
It gave me the platform to communicate with you and bring awareness to the corruption of this country.
It also gave me the platform to help YOU.
Now, if you’re like me and feeling…
Hopeless about your declining health
Confused and not knowing where to start
Like you can’t trust our healthcare system
Tired of taking prescription meds
Then don’t worry. Better health isn’t hard, confusing, or expensive.
I’m going to show you how you can live a life free of the anxiety and stress that “bad health” causes.
So, let’s do this…
Let’s unite. Let’s spread the word. Let’s all work together to make Black health a priority again…
And get YOU on the fast track to the better health you deserve.
-John Carlisle